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Instagram On Blackberry - a successful application in IOS and Android smartphone make blackberry users trying to find applications that can be applied on his blackberry. BlackBerry users who want to have an application like instagram can use other applications as an alternative. There are some applications that are similar to instagram. Here are some of the application:


Yes, this application is named instigram. unfortunately when I try to download and install this application on the blackberry was not good enough, whether there is a bug or what this application can not edit photos as well as instagram, this application can only upload photos via twitter or facebook.

Instigram - Alternative Instagram for Blackberry 

After you install this application will be integrated directly with the camera on the blackberry. Then you try to take pictures using the camera on the blackberry and then click menu / bb symbol and select the menu instagram photo.

For those who want to try it can be downloaded through the app world blackberry.


This application is a little better than instigram. because this application could be to edit your photos with a choice of colors. For those who want to try it please go to the blackberry app world and then typing in the search field bibbycam.

BibbyCam -  free Instagram for Blackberry Download 

Once installed, you must has an account on the application. bibbycam way to open applications and then you fill your data in them. But unfortunately again another blackberry application has deficiencies, because this bibbycam to upload pictures to twitter or facebook to be made manually.

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Instagram for Blackberry

While Instagram for Blackberry still planned, BlackBerry users have several alternatives for such photo sharing LensBoost, Photo Studio and InstaPhoto. Do you expect Instagram available for BlackBerry? It looks like your answer is 'yes.' Instagram been present for Android devices, then we wait for blakcberry presence.

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Instagram for Blackberry 

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