Solitaire Tower

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A Merger of originative card game Solitaire and the classic puzzle game Mahjong. Sporting a casino adjusting using playing cards. Solitaire Tower innovates a unique twist on the rules of Mahjong using Joker cards to hide and reveal the puzzle. Match and clear all cards inside a three-dimensional puzzle to win. Solitaire Tower features two game modes;

Quick Puzzle and Big Puzzle. Quick Puzzle Play against the clock to clear up a mini puzzle. Ideal for a quickie of puzzle gaming. Big Puzzle Choose one of three big puzzle layouts and take as a lot of time as you like to clear a puzzle. Cards are placed randomly in a puzzle array each time you play so there is always a new dispute awaiting you. Solitaire Tower keeps a record of your high scores and offers a comprehensive help mode feature.

It is compatible with the Storm, 8900, and Curve 8320 (it may work on other devices, so give it a shot). You can download the game to the following link: Quick Download code 6593.

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